holy Grail

The quest for the Holy Grail has inspired many movies, hunts and bedtime stories. The Holy Grail is supposed to be a symbolic object uncovering the truth about Jesus Christ. Some say it is a cup, the cup that was supposed to be used during the Last Supper. Some conspiracy buffs propose that the grail was not a cup rather a tomb or a sarcophagus of a woman that was supposedly belonged to the wife of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, some still venture to spread out the word that the grail is a mystical item that can provide to anyone who drinks from it will have eternal youth. The stories started with the Holy Crusade started by Great Britain and European countries.

The Holy Crusade was supposedly a conquest to reclaim the Holy Lands (Jerusalem) from the then occupiers of the city being the Muslims. As the story goes, most of the people who joined the Crusade were in search of treasures in a new land. And treasure they did find in the form of the Holy Grail. Stumbling upon a great discovery, they vowed to protect the secret that was the Holy Grail. They secretly transported it back to Europe and formed a secret organization that vowed to protect the code of silence and pass it to their descendants. The mystery surrounding the Grail was so great that a handful of writers have ventured to write books about the topic and some even went so far as to justify their writing by presenting facts from analysis of available resources about the Grail. One was so controversial that the author was actually banned from entering the Vatican for his published work.

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