In Greek mythology, the ruler of the gods and mortals is Zeus. In Roman mythology, his counterpart is Jupiter. He is depicted in tales as magnificent man, radiant when beheld (as bright as the sun), he wields the terrible thunderbolt as his weapon. His breastplate was the aegis, his bird the eagle, and his tree the oak. Zeus presided over the gods on Mount Olympus in Thessaly (Thessalia). His principal shrines were at Dodona, in Epirus, the land of the oak trees and the most ancient shrine, famous for its oracle, and at Olympia, where the Olympic Games were celebrated in his honor every fourth year. The Nemean games, held at Nemea, northwest of Árgos, were also dedicated to Zeus.

He was the son of Cronus and also his father’s usurper. Cronus had known in a prophecy that one of his sons will overthrow his regime. Thus, every time a son is born from his wife, he would devour them whole to make sure that he would not be overthrown. However, as his wife gave birth to Zeus, she hid him and replace with a rock what was supposed to have been Zeus. Cronus, detecting no deceit swallowed the rock with no question. Zeus was sent away and grew up in a far country. Along with other Titans, they usurp the position of Cronus and made him vomit his siblings. After which, Zeus was chosen as the ruler of the heavens. His two brothers Poseidon and Hades, became ruler of the seas and underworld, respectively.

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