Computers which are a necessity nowadays have always relied on software to run. Calculations that would have been physically impossible for us to calculate have been solved easily with software. The Internet is run by software. DVD players, Ipodís, and other techie gadget is run by software. Its importance present the need for it to be quantified so as to gauge how to manage it scientifically. However, people still donít know the actual importance of software, simply because it cannot be quantified easily like any commodity such as meat, gasoline or water. Industries still donít even know how to actually quantify software as a commodity to be used in this way simply because it is intangible. Furthermore, top-level manager of companies that use software to run their businesses donít exactly know how this software can be managed or used to actually know how much to invest in this software. The caliber of software itself is not an issue easily discussed as software programmers usually develop their algorithms from existing codes and thus cannot be actually called as created by the software developer himself.

The need to actually pay attention to the companyís investment in its software development hasnít been aroused if not for date synchronization during 2000. That was the only time top-level actually put a foot down into the matter of evaluating software as a commodity but it was still vague to them. It cannot actually be considered as proportional to the number of bits inside the software as it does not actually relate to the softwareís performance of its job. Software algorithms are quite possibly the best measure to gauge the caliber of the software and perhaps, execution time and testing under worst case scenarios could test out the stability of the software but it still cannot be compared to a single standard simply because there is no standard for software development.

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