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Social networks rampaged across the web in its influence to every net user. In most countries, the first and foremost social network to take hold of the people’s attention is the site The site allows people to be able to connect with different people across the world. Furthermore, the site also offers photo and video sharing where people can allow their friends to see his or her photos in the net. Furthermore, blogging was also included in their applications and thus it provided avenue for people to express their feelings about various subjects. Interaction is done with testimonials where people can send other people specific messages that can come with colorful widgets from the websites providing such applications. Individual profiles can also be edited to suit the tastes of the user and some people eventually show off their skills in designing their profiles. However, due to traffic, the site had to temporarily shut down.

In its absence, emerged as a new social network so as to cater the needs of people who yearn to connect through social networks. It also incorporated games to people who sign in as users of the site. These invited a lot of clamor to many people who want to connect and at the same time discover new things. The site promoted peer-to-peer interaction through games and its enhanced posting system (similar to Twitter). Mark Zuckerberg gained a lot by putting up the site as his creation invited a lot of advertisers and thus created a new avenue for some people to earn through the users of the said network.

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 Jun 08, 2011 2:51amGood point. I hadn t thuoght about it quite that way. :) by Hank
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