Shinigami is the Japanese term for a death god or the grim reaper, colloquially speaking. Death gods have always been the source of fear that an entity actually appears to us on our deathbed. However, death gods are also a good mould on which to write stories. Indeed in some movies, writers portray death gods as funny and clumsy while in others, death gods become secret agents.

In a manga called Bleach, Ichigo is an ordinary teenager who discovers his powers as a shinigami one day and is being changed by it. He begins to battle hollows, bad spirits that rampage the earth. Hollows are actually, spirits that didn’t get to get on over and maintained in the mortal plane, bound to a negative feeling. They eventually turn to hollows. His friend Rukia was a shinigami as well but was sent to the world to patrol over it and there he met Ichigo. They became friends and when she was sentenced to death for fraternizing with Ichigo, he went to the spiritual world and proved that a shinigami was also at fault for the events that happened. Thus, Rukia was absolved but the renegade shinigami vowed to return and destroy the shinigami world. Thus, Ichigo was again compelled to fight the renegade shinigami where in the battle, to obtain the power needed to defeat the enemy, he had to sacrifice his being as a shinigami. The shinigami was tried and imprisoned for thousands of years. Ichigo resumed his life as a ordinary citizen but he was again contacted by the abnormal, now in the form of humans who have gained powers from hollows. Their apparent goal is to revive Ichigo’sshinigami powers.

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