Revenge of Sith

The third, according to story plot, was released in 2005 as the last installment of the series Star Wars. It was titled as The Revenge of the Sith. The title was supposed to be the opposite of the sixth episode: The Return of the Jedi.

The story revolves on Anakin Skywalker, a prodigy in the Jedi that defeated the Phantom Menace. He is still guided by Obiwan Kenobi and the film starts with the infiltration of the duo inside the Empire to save the chancellor. The chancellor observed the potential and inclination of Anakin to be carried away by his emotions. Palpatin chose to capitalize on this weakness and seduced him into supporting his goals by promising him the one thing that Anakin badly wanted. It was prophesized that his lover was going to die and he tried in vain to circumvent the inevitable by embracing dark and powerful forces given to him by Palpatin. The Jedi council later learned of Anakinís treachery and Palpatinís true identity being the Sith. Obiwan confronted Anakin but he was already too deep inside the pit to be able to regain his former self. Her wife Amidala dies in childbirth and Anakin blames his master for her death and resolved to kill him and everyone in the Jedi council so as to truly dominate the universe. Meanwhile, the senate was overruled by the chancellor by using the Force on the members of the senate. He convinced that the Empire was the rightful ruler of the universe and the Jedi were to be considered as outlaws that plan to overthrow the senate so as to seize control of the universe themselves. With this, the council was forced to scatter into hiding. Obiwan and Anakin fought with Anakin losing his limbs in the conquest but Palpatin later revives him to become Darth Vader.

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