According to the Greek Mythology, the gift of fire was given to mankind by a Titan. Titans were the creators of the world and the universe and could be called as the greater gods and goddesses. Zeus, son of Cronus, was the ruler of the heavens and was the one who created mankind. Mankind was supposed to worship the gods with their prayers giving strength to the godsí immortality. However, as time passed by, man grew discontent of the godsí selfish demands of routine sacrifices to the gods. They tried to revolt against the gods and with this Zeus decided to ostracize mankind and curse them for their insolence. Prometheus, a wise Titan, still saw the light of redemption in man and their capability to change. He brought to them the gift of fire and taught them how to cook, to make weapons, to build shelters and to weave clothes. Prometheus also tricked the gods into accepting the worst part of the animals to be sacrificed. He did this by making Zeus choosebetween two sacrifices. One was the meaty part of the animal covered in entrails and the other were the bones covered in fat. Zeus picked the sacrifice with the fat and was angered at the deceit but could no longer circumvent the flaw on his part and thus turned to the champion of mankind, Prometheus.

Due to this great disobedience, Zeus punished Prometheus and imprisoned him in the mountain of Caucasus where a great eagle swoops down each day on Prometheus and picks on his liver. However, the liver is turned back again to its original form as soon as the day was concluded and thus the cycle repeats. Hercules later freed Prometheus slew the eagle.

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