Naruto, one of the leading anime’ and manga, is a ninja story with the protagonist named UzumakiNaruto. It revolves around the struggles of the ninja youth that is cursed in a way for being the vessel of the demonic energy in the form of a fox. During his childhood days, he had experienced a lot of discriminations because the demon fox inside him slew a lot of the locals during its rampage before the fourth-generation leader of that village called the Hokage managed to seal the fox inside Naruto. However, thanks to Iruka (a teacher of Naruto in their ninja academy), he managed to be proud of himself and become even more astute about establishing his identity, not as a monster rather as a hero. In their formal education being a Genin, Naruto met his rival. He was UchihaSasuke. He is the same as Naruto in that they are both orphaned children but he is celebrated as a genius unlike Naruto that is branded as a troublemaker.

The two battle it out to prove who is greater in every aspect until a special bond between them formed. Sasuke has a dark past wherein his whole clan except him was slaughtered by his brother. He swore revenge against his brother and became power-hungry. Eventually he sought the help of a renegade ninja named Orochimaru that dibs in dark practices such as impure resurrection and immortal regeneration. The two friends train under two masters that were once friends before and both masters have the same attitude as their pupils. Naruto trained under Jiraiyaand learned to perfect the technique called Rasengan, which is a concentrated ball of energy tempest. Sasuke is a practitioner of lightning based techniques and further improved his jutsus under Orochimaru.

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