Mecha is a term to describe a manga or an anime that has gargantuan humanoid machineries that are being used as weapons in the story of the said manga. Some examples are Gundam and Zoids. Gundams are huge mechanical mobile suits where pilots can control the huge machinery using sensory perceptions and movement sensors attached to the pilot. Usually, plots are set in a future Earth situation where the technology achieved by man was used by a certain faction to dominate the world and in turn, almost send the world into the brink of destruction. The protagonist usually pilots a mysterious mobile suit, perhaps a new version and very destructive or a newly-discovered Gundam from the ancient civilization. With his band they battle it out to save the earth.

Zoids, on the other hand, are beastlike machineries that are powered by a mysterious core. These machineries are observed to possess some sort of innate understanding of their pilots and can communicate in a way to the people who operated them. People of the neo-ancient setting have learned to tame these mechanical beasts, and use them to make their lives easier. Basically, Zoids are used for military purposes and have been the major attacking power of countries. The protagonist usually has a liger (lion-tiger) as his beast with great capabilities and even cooler skins.

Somemecha stories also involve robots controlled by magic. Some other stories go so far as actual wars between mecha users and resistance presented by vagabonds who refuse to be enslaved by mechas.

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 Jun 07, 2011 9:17pmCool! That s a clever way of lokoing at it! by Lakisha
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