League of Legends

With the success of the interactive game Defense of the Ancients on the Warcraft III platform, the people who pioneered the game decided to create their own original massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that is patterned in a way so as to create the unique environment of its predecessor game. They dubbed this game League of Legends, produced under Riot Games.

Gameplay of LoL is basically just like DotA which involves two bases and the players are to choose heroes (in DotA) or champions (in LoL). These characters will for two teams of five or three players each. The goal of each team is to destroy the central tower (called Nexus) of the opposing team. Teamwork and individual skill in playing the game is absolutely needed to successfully win the game. Furthermore, the addition of Skype aids during in-game conversations and team strategies although chatting is also available to the players. Players also has the option of customizing their champions with skins that can actually be seen during the game. Champions are like items that can be purchased with cash (Riot points) or credits for playing and winning games (Influence Points). In addition, ten champions are rotated for the players to choose for free which helps beginners enjoy different heroes even if they are just starting out with no Influence Points or Riot Points. Riot points can be obtained through credit cards or prepaid cards available in selected 7/11 stores in Europe and North America. Guides and strategy are also available in their website for the benefit of some people who wish to improve their champion usage.

League of Legends is so innovative that it won the Gamerís Choice Award by IGN during 2009.

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