Death Note

Death Note, a Japanese manga, tells the story of a particular notebook that has the power to kill any person that the writer sees and knows his or her name. The protagonist, Yagami Raito, found the notebook. At first, he thought that it was just a crank notebook, but when he tested it using a criminal he saw on television, he found out that it was unnervingly real. With this, he formulated his plan to eliminate all wrongdoers in the world with him as judge to these criminals.

When the number of Kiraís (Yagami Raitoís alias) victims reached unprecedented levels, the InterPol sought the help of a famous enigmatic detective called L. L decided that Kira was Japanese or at least has his base in Japan. He devised a plan to pinpoint the location of Kira. He made a public announcement on television where Kira could see his vocal challenge of the killerís capabilities. Raito was quite scorned the challenge since he had the notebook and he could see Lís face and name clearly on the television. He killed the guy in the television and with that L managed to pinpoint the location of Kira. What Kira didnít know was that the broadcast was not strictly global, rather to a certain district of Tokyo City and that the person he killed was a criminal to be executed at the same time and death that he died by the hands of Kira. Kiraís conquest with L was marked by a healthy dose of deductive reasoning with L managing to close in on Kira to the point of actually suspecting Raito. However, Kira is equally cunning and cruel with his devices. He is willing to sacrifice even his family for the sake of his dream of a perfect world.

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