Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence have always been the greatest goal of programmers. By definition, A.I. is a system that can make decisions and accomplish tasks with near-human intellectual capacity. To elaborate, people can recognize their friends by their faces, perhaps due to familiarity or from memory, we can place a name to the face.

The computer sees things differently. When the computer receives data from the camera, all it sees are a bunch of colors. The program inside the computer is what we could call the brain. The brain will try to make sense of the jumble of colors and data. This is where artificial intelligence enters. With the right algorithm, a software developer can teach a computer to recognize faces. What’s different about A.I. is that even if the face is not exactly the same as in the database, it can still give some result that is with regards to its best computation to be the nearest match. These are things that A.I. can do. In the future with more technologies emerging, it is not inconceivable to see robots capable of jobs that a human being can do. In fact, some software are already very intelligent as to challenge humans in a game. For example, software was developed to challenge the chess grandmaster Kasparov. Built-inside the machine is a database on the playing styles in chess and it can predict the enemy’s moves up to five steps in advance considering every possible variation of techniques, every possible moves that a person can try and at the same time, creates its own countermeasure to each variation of strategy that the enemy is making.

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