portable satellite radio, XM XPMP3H1 Portable Satellite Radio & Mp3 Player (XMp3i)

The most versatile and portable XMŽ radio & MP3 player all-in-one from Audiovox is now out in the market, the XM XPMP3H1 Portable Satellite Radio & Mp3 Player (XMp3i). It can record songs while listening to it. XMp3i can be set to record from up to five channels simultaneously in order to set multiple scheduled recordings to occur at the same date and time on different channels. It is capable to record up to 100 hours of programming and 1-touch recording of up to 10 hours of individual songs. Likewise, XM XPMP3H1 Portable Satellite Radio & Mp3 Player (XMp3i) is capable of schedule recordings of up to 75 hours of favorite XMŽ programs. It features TuneSelect™ to look for favorite songs or artists and GameSelect to find sports events on any XM channel. Using this portable satellite radio, one can pause, rewind and replay up to 30 minutes of live radio. It also features XM2go Music Manager software to upload and manage MP3/WMA files including the recorded XM content. XM XPMP3H1 Portable Satellite Radio & Mp3 Player (XMp3i) can likewise be used to purchase and listen to audio books from

This portable satellite radio comes with a 2GB memory on-board. Added to this capacity is its ability to store MP3 or WMA files on a removable micro Secure Digital (microSD) memory card up to 16 GB. Included with the unit are Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna, Remote Control, Earbuds, USB Cable, Stereo Audio Cable and Home Power Adapter. It is compatible with any stereo system or set of powered speakers that have audio input jacks.

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