ooma Core VoIP Phone System

ooma Core VoIP Phone System is an award-winning product that provides you free home phone service. The ooma Hub and ooma Scout together with a high-speed Internet and existing home phones deliver free home phone service. A one-time purchase with this device eliminates monthly bills for U.S. calling and brings extremely low rates for international calls. It comes with bundled features at no extra charge. It has a Caller-ID feature to let you see the name and number of who is calling (caller-ID compatible phone required). Also, you can switch to a new incoming call when you are already on the line using its caller-ID feature or see the name and number of a new incoming call before you switch over through its Call-waiting caller-ID. The phone allows you to make a second call or answer an incoming call even when someone else is on the phone provided there is an ooma Scout.

The ooma system has been designed to deliver outstanding voice quality and reliability that gives you the crisp, acoustic performance of a landline. Ooma is equipped with a Voicemail that allows access to your messages remotely from any phone or web browser and a Voicemail notifications feature to receive notifications via email or text when incoming messages arrive. It also comes with a built-in speaker where you can listen to messages hands-free. With ooma Core VoIP phone, you can hear messages and control your preferences online through its ooma Lounge. It is provided with a call logs feature that can be used to check your calling history online, filter and sort to find the call you are looking for. This phone also offers free in-network calling where you can call another ooma customer anywhere in the world for free. As a protection from unwanted calls, it features personal and community blacklist. Ooma Core VoIP Phone system requires High-speed fixed-line Internet connection (cable, DSL, fiber-optic), a 256 Kbps upstream network speed (384 Kbps recommended) and a corded or cordless home phone.

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