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One of the iPhone 4G problems that has been most reported has been holding the phone ‘incorrectly’. It seems Apple is aware of these iPhone 4G problems, as they have responded with: “Don’t hold it like that.”

Update: More and more people have been reporting iPhone 4G Problems with reception, and Apple have released a statement relating to the ‘proper use’ of the phone.

With development stretching back months and years, you would expect any iPhone 4G problems to have been ironed out months ago. Not so. Thousands of users of the new iPhone 4 have reported problems with a whole host of functions…let’s have a look at the major ones:

iPhone 4G Problems Widely covered across the net, the reception of the iPhone 4 seems to drop out when holding the phone with the left hand. No problem, says Steve Jobs – “Stop holding it like that”. Thanks dude.

The next problem with Apple Inc.’s new iPhone 4G is that is still doesn’t allow us to use flash. So half of the video content out there on the web is unavailable to us. Steve Jobs has a negative opinion of Adobe, but should that limit every iPhone user in such a crippling, far-reaching way? Come on Steve, give the customer what they want. Flash!

Another problem with the new iPhone 4G, and this may have been totally unintended, is that it calls itself a fourth generation iPhone. Which it is, but the uninitiated consumer is likely to assume that the phone is capable of using 4th generation 4G wireless internet standards, when if fact its still plane-jane 3G. There may or may not be a deliberate misleading going on here. In either case it’s a good sales tactic for Apple.

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 Sep 14, 2010 10:49pmSept 14, 2010 not all part in Silicon Valley have 4G. Sprint just started installing and upgrading sites. They started testing in San Jose. by joseph
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