eBook Reader, Kindle 3

The Kindle eBook Reader will come out with a smaller, lighter and faster version, that is, Kindle 3. This 3rd generation Kindle eBook Reader is twenty one per cent (21%) smaller than the previous generation but keeping the same 6” reading area. This 3rd generation Kindle eBook Reader weighs only 8.7 ounces or fifteen per cent (15%) lighter than the second generation-lighter than a paperback and thinner than a magazine. It has an improved screen contrast of up to fifty per cent (50%) of the previous generation with a darker, crisper and more defined text and sharper images to give more enjoyment and sense of relaxation to the reader. With the Kindle 3, one can read as easily in bright sunlight as in the living room. The storage or memory capacity was even more improved by allowing up to 3500 eBooks being stored or twice the capacity of the second generation. This latest generation of eBook reader from Kindle likewise features an improved battery life with a duration of up to a month between charges when the wi-fi is switched off and up to ten days with wireless always on.

An improved PDF viewer gives you the option to scroll and zoom plus with the facility to look up the dictionary and even make or add notes and highlights. With its built-in Wi-fi, the user can now download in any wifi hotspots and using the original 3G technology as well. Its web browser comes with free 3G web browsing and dedicated programs for easy and free access on your favorite social networking sites.

Kindle 3 will double as an MP3 player, thus, allowing you to download MP3 tracks and playing them while you are reading. Likewise, it’s “Read to Me” feature has been made more superior as this latest eBook can now read menus aloud. Another interesting upgrade of the Kindle 3 is that one can choose between Kindle 3G and Wifi capability or simply Wifi. Also, the Kindle 3, 3G and wifi model comes in a choice of white or graphite.

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