Xantrex Technologies 852-0281 XPower PowerSource 100 Watt Inverter

The Xantrex Technologies 852-0281 XPower PowerSource 100 Watt Inverter is a highly innovative and revolutionary power solution that has both AC and USB outlets for all mobile needs. It is the perfect device for people who often travel. The XPower PowerSource 100 is a mini inverter that uses sophisticated electronics to convert the 12 volt DC battery power from a vehicle into 120 volt household AC electricity. When your laptop, portable game console, portable DVD player or any other mobile device runs out of battery power, you can keep going by simply plugging it into the Pocket Inverter. Its two USB charge ports are capable of keeping your Blackberry, iPaq, Palm, or iPod charged at times when you need them badly.

With XPower PowerSource 100, you no longer have to carry extra cords, chargers and device-specific batteries. In which case, you will save money and as well as space in your notebook carry bag. The device combines a capable 100-watt power inverter with a powerful 4 amp-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The XPower PowerSource inverter is matched with a grounded AC outlet and two USB sockets. It is tough enough to recharge your equipment's batteries and provide power for almost all electronic needs. It comes with a lightweight AC charging adapter that will recharge the unit from any household electrical outlet. The DC charging cable permits recharging through any vehicle cigarette-lighter outlet or compatible airplane connector. It is equipped with blue LED indicators signal on/off and battery charge status that provides information on how much power is available. XPower features Over-temperature shutdown that keeps the unit from overheating under extreme conditions. It has also an overload shutdown feature which ensures that the unit's battery does not become damaged from over-charging. To keep the internal circuitry of mobile electronics from harm, it is provided with Low-battery voltage shutdown feature that turns the unit off when there is insufficient energy to power your devices. It is also equipped with Electronic Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter that immediately terminates power if the unit is exposed to water or other liquids.

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