X10 PRO Phase Coupler/Repeater

Nearly all residential homes are wired SPLIT-PHASE. Each 120V Phase is NOT directly connected with the other 120V phase. If after installation, an X1 0 Receiver does not respond to a remote Controller, then check to ensure that the breaker serving the X10 Receiver is on the same phase as the Controller. If not, the breaker can be changed to the opposite phase. An alternative solution is recommended, to install a Phase Coupler for improving remote communications throughout the home.

The X10 PRO Phase Coupler/Repeater serves as a signal-bridge across Split-Phase and 3-Phase Power Systems. The XPCR accepts X1 0 Controller Commands from one phase (L1), regenerates the X1 0 Command to full signal strength and repeats it to the other phase (L2) and/or phases (L3). The XPCR performs this function in any directions, i.e. - (L1 to L2/L3 or L2 to L1/L3, or L3 to L1/L2). The XPCR's Red LED indicator illuminates when an X10 Command is sent by an X10 Controller and repeated by the XPCR. The XPCR is NOT a filter. The above drawing is a simple representation of the XPCR's basic elements of installation.

Installation must be performed by qualified installers only. The main breaker must be turn-off during installation. The coupler must be installed in a suitable workbox or enclosure per local code. Installation must be in accordance with all applicable codes and requirements, including but not limit to National Electrical Code.

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