Wireless Charger, Powermat Home and Office Mat

Charging electronic devices now comes in an easy and quick way with Powermat Home and Office Mat. It is a wireless charging system that utilizes the principle of magnetic induction that is combined with Powermat’s proprietary technology to efficiently supply power to various personal electronic devices. The powermat can be able to wirelessly charge up to 3 Powermat-enabled devices at the same time and one device through the wired USB power port. Powermat is a very portable and slim device in that it measures only .625" x 12.25" x 4.5625" (HxWxD).

Powermat Home and Office Mat is equipped with the Powercube Universal Receiver that features eight interchangeable tips for Mini and Micro USB, Apple, Samsung, LG, Nintendo DS Lite and DSi, and Sony PSP. The Mini USB tip can charge all models of BlackBerry that use Mini USB, some Motorola and HTC Phones, GPS devices and Bluetooth headsets. The Micro USB tip is likewise capable of charging many Motorola, LG, and Palm Phones including Bluetooth headsets. The Apple tip is capable of charging all generations of both the iPod and iPhones. The DS Lite and DSi tips are exclusive for DS Lite and DSi only while Samsung and LG tips are capable of charging many Samsung and LG Phones, respectively. The Sony PSP tip can charge Portable Playstations and some Kodak cameras. Also, the Powercube is capable of charging a plentiful of other personal electronic devices using additional tips which can be purchased separately. The Powercube also works with a wide range of voltages from 100-240V, making it very universal. The Powermat Home and Office Mat is energy and cost efficient in that the moment the power is achieved in full, the power of the device automatically shuts off to save energy.

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