WD 1TB MyBook World Edition Home Network Storage

Western Digital’s 1TB MyBook World Edition Home Network Storage model WDH1NC10000N is the easiest choice to centralize family’s digital content in a single location so that every member of the family can access any computer at home. It features automatic and continuous backup for all the computers on the family’s network. With the included continuous backup software, back up of data from all home computers is easy. Each time that a data is saved, it is immediately and automatically backed up. It also features simple file recovery in that lost, damaged or older files can be restored to their original location. It is easy to find files because backup files are stored in the same file structure where they were originally saved. It is equipped with astounding 1TB storage. Thus, it is capable of holding 424 two-hour DVD-quality movies or 1500 hours of VHS-quality video or 880 days of continuous MP3 audio or 373,500 brilliant digital photos or 2132 exciting games. Also, it features a Gigabit Ethernet port with up to 10x the speed of most 100M network connections.

It comes with a built-in media server for streaming music, photos and movies to any DLNA certified multimedia devices like Playstation 3, Xbox 360, wireless digital picture frames and connected audio receivers. With the use of iTunes software, music collection can be centralized and stream to a Mac or Windows PC. Likewise, quick access to photos stored on the My Book World Edition home network drive can be done using iPhone or iPod touch. Files from the MyBook World Edition Home Network can be accessed anytime and anywhere using MioNet remote access technology from Western Digital. Its system requires Ethernet connection, Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard, Web browser (Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 and later on Windows platforms, Safari 2.0 and later for Mac platforms, Firefox 2.0 and later for supported Windows and Mac platforms), Adobe Flash ActiveX 9 or higher (required for WD Discovery™), and a Broadband internet connection.

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