VholdR 1200 ContourHD Camera

VholdR 1200 ContourHD Camera is a helmet cam technology designed for shooting high quality video for sporting activities. It is the world’s first High Definition wearable camcorder. ContourHD is perfected for outdoor use in that is capable of switching between crisp, vivid, widescreen (16;9), HD (full 1280x720 pixels) quality video captured at 30 frames per second or SD quality video captured at 60 frames per second (twice as many frames as TV quality video). It comes with an improved video processor and image sensor that ensures the colors to remain as rich and vibrant on video as they are in real life. To capture the whole scene without over-distorting the video, Contour HD is equipped with a 135-degree fisheye lens.

ContourHD is compatible with up to 16GB microSD memory cards and has the capacity to store up to 8 hours of HD video. It features one oversized record button that makes it easier to record action during sporting activities. This camera has a rotating 192-degree lens and two lasers that help users accurately align shots. It is also provided with an advanced microphone that is capable of eliminating all the wind noise while ambient sounds remain clear. The ContourHD is compatible with VholdR’s TRailTM Mounts that provides a variety of options like mounts for helmets, goggles, vehicles, and handlebars. It also comes with a helmet mount that can be attached to most hard surfaces and helmets and goggle strap mount. The camera is provided with VholdR’s Easy EditTM software (PC and Mac compatible) for easy editing, uploading, and sharing of videos with family, friends, and the world. ContourHD is so durable that its body is made of anodized aluminum making it water-resistant and withstands mud, snow, dirt and dust. Also, it is shock, vibration, and impact resistant.

Posted 2010-10-11 and updated on Oct 11, 2010 7:03pm by richard

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