Using RCA 4 Lines Business Phone

Purchased RCA Models #25415RE3 & #25414RE3 to use in a small office situation. These were replacements for the Panasonic KX-TG4000B system. Bought the RCA phone system simply for the reason that we were in dire need of a replacement phone system and it advertised the features we needed.

If your office have prewired RJ-45 and RJ-11/12 you can use the color code below and use Ratchet Crimper. All 4 lines will work anywhere in the office or home network.

First problem encountered was that the User's Manual is in a CD format, and you must print out the PDF file to really use the manual. The manual leaves a lot to be desired in the ease of use area. The phones don't integrate nearly as easily as RCA would have you believe. The biggest problem we encountered, within 4 days of receiving the phones, is an RCA-acknowledged difficulty with how the 25415RE3 model in particular handles power outages. On the 4th day the phone system was in operation, we experienced a 3-hour power outage, which is not really uncommon in our area. It had taken me 3 days to fully program all the features of the phones as I wanted them, including manually entering 98 names and numbers in the directory. New batteries had been installed in the phone as instructed, and the phone functioned well enough during the power outage to continue business operations. However, as soon as the electric power was restored, the 25415RE phone started flashing an intermittent "Message Waiting Line 4" message on both the base set and the cordless unit, even though there were no messages in the mailbox, and despite the fact that the answering machine was programmed to not take messages on that line. Additionally, the base unit keeps flashing "Install New Batteries" even with the replacement of the batteries. The RCA website has absolutely no help information, despite attempts to search their FAQ section. I called the 800 help line, and after over 45 minutes on hold, was informed by the rep that this is a frequent problem with the phone. She did have a fix for the problem - which entailed totally unplugging the phone lines and AC adaptor, removing the batteries, and waiting 30 minutes. Then - wonders of wonders - the annoying "Message Waiting" will be gone - along with ALL of your programming and all 98 directory names and numbers. Sounded like a great fix to me. Additionally, we're currently experiencing a lot of problems with the sound quality, especially on the cordless handsets. All in all, not the quality I would expect for the price. Have no suggestions for someone in the market for something similar, other than to stay away from Panasonic and apparently RCA brands.

Posted 2010-10-19 and updated on Oct 19, 2010 10:13pm by noweru

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