The Port of Oakland Secure Truck Enrollment Program

The Port of Oakland announced the implementation of the Secure Truck Enrollment Program also known as STEP, a component of the Port's Comprehensive Truck Management Program (CTMP).

We(truckers) don't complain for this additional registry. We already have UIIA drivers database. The CARB database then the eModal database. All of them have the drivers information which is the same. Why we don't just use one? Is everybody want to get paid?

STEP was funded through Proposition 1B, a measure passed by California voters in 2006 and what happened if the fund will run-out? Who will continue paying?

More than 5,000 trucks in the registry are all associated with LMC’s (licensed motor carriers/trucking companies) that have signed agreements with the Port of Oakland to be partners in a secure Port.

Security is ok but too much security will end up more holes and unnecessary expenses of the LMC's and Owner Operators.

We know that Port’s truck registry is a user-friendly database, easy to use and easy to get contact informationfor for local law enforcement. Why we can not use the database that we already set-up? UIIA, CARB and eModal? Do you think another will come in the future and ask for payment again?

The Port Registry administers and issues secure truck registration certificates and unique decals for every truck serving the Port. Currently, more than 420 Licensed Motor Carriers have enrolled in the STEP program and there are more than 5,000 trucks and drivers whose data is being retained in these systems.

Surely the program will be a sure expensive truckers payable.

Posted 2010-12-28 and updated on Dec 28, 2010 5:53pm by noweru

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