The New Toshiba Pocket Camcoder

Toshiba has announced its new pocket camcorder The new CAMILEO P20 and CAMILEO S30 which comes with Full HD resolution and are designed to be user-friendly . Both camcorder models support 1080p full HD video capture with 10X digital zoom. There's an HDMI out port, SD card slot for up to 64 GB of storage, and touchscreen controls. The S30 model is about 0.7-inch thick and will retail for about U.S. $215 at launch in January 2011. That model will be able to take 8-megapixel resolution images with automatic exposure control and image stabilization. Price in the U.S.comes at $183 for P20 which comes with a pistol grip that will be able to capture 5-megapixel images. This will be marketed in October. Toshiba designed CAMILEO P20 to capture unforgettable fun. Designed to those people who wants to save memorable times quickly and easily. The CAMILEO P20 made for young and fashion-conscious, because of its trendy style and deep blue color. Not only that, CAMILEO P20 offers high quality and reassuring reliability at an affordable price.

With ease-of-use being top of the list Toshiba has designed CAMILEO S30 for people who are active and adventurous. According to toshiba it is a smart companion since it is only 19mm thick.The CAMILEO S30 will be available in colors deep blue, burgundy red, raspberry and silver.the CAMILIEO S30 offers a choice of eight scene support selections designed to achieve perfect results even in difficult light conditions, these include "skin", "night", or "back light" to name just a few.

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