Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness X5

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness X5 offers a high-impact wow factor with a see-through screen that is transparently designed to make an impression. The Pureness may be smart-looking but it's no smartphone. It does not have touchscreen capabilities or run on smartphone operating systems like the Windows Mobile Xperia X1 and X2 or the Android-powered Xperia X10. It is merely equipped with most of the essential phone functionality that you would expect from a mid-range handset in a traditional, handy package. The big lead on this phone is clearly its unusual, stylish, stunning transparent display rather than a bunch of features. The central point of this design is its screen. It is made from a sheet of scratch resistant plastic spreading right to the edges of the body. There's no back panel covering it. When not in use, it just appears like a translucent frosted glass window rather than a regular display where you can see blurred objects through it. However, once one of the buttons is clicked the frosted glass clears instantly as the screen activates and you can see right through it where text, menus and graphics appear on the clear display as if they were suspended in mid-air.

It has a music player with lists of categories to choose music including artists, albums, playlists, genres, year plus podcasts and audio book options. It has no memory card expansion, but it has a built 2GB of media storage to go with around 95MB of phone memory. It comes standard with a set of Bluetooth Headset HBH-HS800 in the box and a set of wired in-ear earphones with a 3.5mm standard headphone adapter which can be connected as an antenna when using the phone's built in FM radio function. Tunes can be transferred over to the phone from a PC through a supplied USB cable and Sony Ericsson's MediaGo software package or via Bluetooth. It is a compact candybar-style handset measuring a sleek 102(h) x 43(w) x 13(d) mm and comes with HSDPA high-speed 3G connectivity.

Posted 2010-11-22 and updated on Nov 22, 2010 5:38pm by richard

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