Samsung P400 DLP Lumen Pocket Ultraportable Projector

Samsung P400 DLP Lumen Pocket Ultraportable Projector (1.9 Pounds) is among the brightest, lightest and smallest LED projectors existing today. It produces an SVGA (800 x 600) image with 150 ANSI lumens of brightness that makes the device more suitable for watching DVDs and playing video game consoles. It uses a LED light source that delivers 30 thousand hours of lamp life, thus, economical and environment friendly for being mercury free. Samsung P400 can give the clearest image when used in a dimly lit room, but the image is fairly good even though the lights are on. It likewise features a DLP technology for crisp images and a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 and presents a large palette that covers 140 percent of the NTSC color gamut.

Samsung P400 is a highly compact, ultraportable device in that it measures only 5.8" W x 2.5" H x 5.7" D and only weighs less than two pounds. This notwithstanding, it is capable of projecting up to an 80-inch diagonal image with a 56-inch screen height. This ultraportable device comes with a full set of inputs including VGA and composite video which are located at the back of the unit. For an utmost convenience, it has a tripod mount and a remote control for easy access to the display settings. The projector can also be attached to a home theatre system for a more enjoyable experience of watching DVDs or playing games. Making presentations using the Samsung P400 no longer requires additional speakers as it has built-in speakers which are loud enough in small rooms.

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