Samsung NX10 Camera

The Samsung NX10 camera is a slim and compact size having a 14.6 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor. Wherein this sensor enables the NX10 to reproduce rich and natural colors that are crisp and bold. The captures high quality images even during low-light situation.It has the ability images noise so that you can use high ISO without a graininess or degradation in picture quality. It also has Fast Auto focus (AF) which allows to captures fleeting moment the moment they happen. The high speed AP has advanced AF system enables Fast and precise AF and it has intelligent Multi AF multi AF which support up to 35 segment AF area. Samsung NX10 has 3.0" AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode)display which easily view images even in bright sunlight. The responser rate of AMOLED display is 300 times faster than a TFT-LCD display. The AMOLED screen on the samsung nx10 is also extremely energy efficient even when compared to a TFT-LCD screen it only consumes 32mW while to TFT-LCD consumes 250mW. It also has HD movie recording(720p , H 264) with HDMI connection which high definition multimedia interface(JPEG and movie), Control TV camera with a single remote control. Plus it has VGA-class Electronic view finder with Full-time live view with Automatic switch more OSD information,approx. 100% field of view , see shooting result before taking the shot. It has also Supersonic Dust reduction and anti-Dust coating,user-friendly interface(UI/PUI/GUI).

In addition the Samsung NX10 Has Auto exposure management smart range. Which is the Smart range feature is particularly useful when talking a photo of a subject against a background without darkening the subject in focus.Its easy photo retouching function picture wizard and the pictures wizard offers with the flexibility to deliver a wide range of color expressions based on what you're photographing. Its Automatic setting for the best shots. Which is the smart auto automatically analyzes the shooting environment and then chooses the appropriate scene mode for best possible results. And the portrait system of this system was specifically designed to help you make the most of the perfect portrait,it Burst mode(30tps continuous shot) is where you take multiple photos in quick succession with the same setting with high sensitivity ISO 3200 and AE,WB and picture wizard bracketing. The Samsung NX10 is already launched in the market.

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