Radar and Laser Detector, Passport 9500i

The new PASSPORT 9500i is the revolutionary and most intelligent radar and laser detector available. With full radar coverage, it conveys intensely long-range warnings on all radar bands including X, K, Ka, Ku and instant-on POP modes for a chance to reduce speed when necessary. Responsible for its 360-degree laser protection and extensive field of view is its multiple front and rear laser sensors. The Passport 9500i is GPS-powered that provides its owner such capabilities as real time vehicle speed display, permanent muting of known stationery sources of X-band & K-band falses, identification of known speedtraps (non RADAR, such as Redlight cameras) and speed sensitive radar reception sensitivity.

This new radar and laser detector features Variable Speed Sensitivity that provides real-time radar protection depending on the speed of the vehicle. While all radar bands operate at its full sensitivity at interstate speeds, the sensitivity is turned down to almost zero at really low speeds. Its SpeedAlert™ feature provides all needed information - radar or laser band, signal strength, and the vehicle speed - that are displayed during an alert to make an intelligent decision. Passport 9500i’s GPS intelligence features TrueLock GPS Filter which allows one to permanently "lock out" a signal in a specific location or to lock out false alerts like automatic door openers or motion sensors. Passport 9500i also features Mark Location to "mark" known speed trap locations, cameras and other places of interest, thus, provides an alert at any time an approach is made on the saved locations. It also comes with a complete immunity from VG-2 radar gun. Passport 9500i is likewise provided with crystal clear and audible voice alerts together with feedback for preference settings. Also featured with the detector is AutoVolume that automatically adjusts the alert volume based on ambient noise. It can also be updated through a computer which is connected with the internet. The most up to date locations can be downloaded by simply connecting the computer to the detector and log on to

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