Pure ONE Mini DAB radio

Pure ONE Mini is a compact, portable DAB radio that offers a blend of quality, style and affordability. It is a solidly built player with rounded edges that measures approximately 130mm tall by 130mm wide. It is so small and light which makes it a perfect travelling buddy that offers up to 20 hours of portable listening when fitted with the optional B1 rechargeable ChargePAK. Despite of its compact dimensions, Pure One Mini never compromised its audio quality and volume. Being digital, Pure One Mini has a superb audio quality. It also provides an FM reception with 16 stations preset (8 DAB and 8 FM) to help you categorize your favorite stations. Pure One Mini comes with an input that allows connection of iPod, portable CD player or MP3 player and make use of ONE Mini as a portable speaker.

This ultra portable DAB radio is equipped with a 45mm-wide monochrome LCD window which enables you to see which DAB or FM radio station you are tuned in to. Alerts and program information are also displayed therein as scrolling text. Further, it indicates signal strength, the current time and date and whether the radio is set to FM or digital. It is integrated with a retractable antenna to pick up stations. Pure ONE mini comes bundled with a 3.5mm headphone jack that can be plugged in and listen to the radio without disturbing others. Pure One Mini features Text SCAN that allows you to pause and control scrolling text which is very useful if you want to catch the title of a track, note down a competition phone number or rewind to catch a news item. Pure One Mini is an USB upgradeable product that you can add new features and improvements to it as they become available via support pages of the PURE website.

Posted 2010-11-29 and updated on Nov 29, 2010 5:30pm by richard

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