Portable Printer, Pentax PocketJet 3 Plus 300-DPI Mobile Printer with Integrated USB/IrDA

An upgraded version of the standard PocketJet 3, the Pentax PocketJet 3 Plus 300-DPI Mobile Printer with Integrated USB/IrDA invades the world of portable printer. PocketJet 3 Plus 300-DPI Mobile Printer is among the lightest, smallest, and compact portable printer that measures 10.04 in length and weighs only 1.12 pounds with long-life NiMH battery. It is capable of full-page portable printing and can print up to 3 pages per minute at 300 x 300 dpi resolution, thus, giving one high quality documents. This ultra portable printer can print sharp text and crisp graphics in any environment notwithstanding extreme temperature and pressure variations. If this printer is used with a suitable Pentax Quality Paper, it will yield a weather-resistant printing quality.

What makes the PocketJet 3 mobile printer even more powerful is that it makes available wireless operation with IrDA. This built-in Infrared Interface feature allows wireless printing from popular handheld devices. It also features built-in quick-charge NiMH battery that gives the power to print as much as 100 pages each charge. The user will never run out of ink and can do away with muddled and expensive ink or toner as it utilizes advanced Direct Thermal Printing Technology. PocketJet 3 mobile printer uses roll paper which can accommodate letter, legal (216 x 356 mm, 8.5 x 14"), or A4 width paper as well as the use of single sheet printing for document printing. It likewise feature Maintenance-free mechanism with only a few moving parts. Its operating system is supported by Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Home, Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows CE and Microsoft Pocket PC.

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