Phlebotomist in Knightstown IN Job Hiring

Phlebotomy in general is the collection of blood from a vein. It is a skilled health care worker that works alongside doctors and nurses. You do all your full phlebotomy training in Knightstown and pass the NCCT exam.

In addition to collecting and transporting blood samples, Knightstown phlebotomists also perform diagnostic procedures and interpret test results. In some cases phlebotomists may make recommendations based on their findings. Phlebotomists must be familiar with sterilization practices and infection control. Due to the risk of infectious disease, strict guidelines in the Henry county and must be adhered to when collecting blood samples from Knightstown patients.

Phlebotomists usually work under the supervision of Knightstown laboratory managers or medical technologists in Knightstown hospitals, laboratories, clinics, blood banks, and physician offices. Approximately fifty percent of available phlebotomist positions are located in Knightstown hospitals, while most of the remaining positions are in physician offices and diagnostic laboratories in Knightstown IN.

Phlebotomists and patients are at risk of blood borne diseases and other communicable diseases and infections. Phlebotomists wear vinyl or latex gloves, face masks, head caps and gowns and must follow rigid safety standards to ensure the safety of themselves and their patients. The tools and equipment used by phlebotomists also require special handling and disposal methods. A thorough understanding of procedure and safety standards is demonstrated through recognized certification. Henry county have certifying agencies offer phlebotomy certification.

Knightstown IN Jobs now hiring Phlebotomist for $97/Hour. You can check here in Knightstown local Hiring Posting.

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