OMIC USA Inspector at Arbuckle

The rice mill in Arbuckle is one of the biggest exporter of rice in west coast. Today October 11, 2010 we have problem with the OMC inspector. Balkar is an Indian guy and we (trucker) complaining about the way Balkar treated us.

OMIC Balkar always requesting us to wipe down the all side(inside) of the containers before we get loaded. Wait.... We are the trucker. We just get the container from the Port of Oakland. We even pressure washed it, removed the rust and also seal it. We spend our own money just to make a living. If rejected nobody pay except ALT give us $75 for support of our bad day.

OMIC USA inspector(Balkar) is not treathing us fairly. Two(2) week ago he told me I will get loaded but I have to wipe first all sides. It is about 30minutes of hard work wiping all sides with towel. After all the hard work he told me "Rejected for unknown odor". Whatttt????? Do you think this is funny.

OMIC USA inspector(Balkar) want us to work hard even not needed. He want people to work hard and makes him happy.

We like doing this Rice Load, we been working this kind of hauling for more than 6 years. We the driver asking the OMIC USA management for immediate action regarding this matter. We want to be treated like human being.

Posted 2010-10-10 and updated on Oct 12, 2010 10:41am by noweru

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