Notice to Bay Area Drayage Truck Operators September 3, 2010

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has received complaints about drayage truck “dray-off “activity. A dray-off (or street turn) is the switching of loads from a compliant tractor to a noncompliant tractor, or vice-versa, outside a port or railyard. This is done to avoid the dispatching of a noncompliant truck onto port or railyard grounds. Please note that the regulation was passed into law to alleviate the negative health impacts to local communities from diesel soot. Unfortunately, some truck owners and motor carriers are participating in dray-offs and are continuing to subject these communities to harmful diesel emissions – in addition to skirting the requirements of the Drayage Truck Regulation.

BAAQMD considers a dray-off as an intentional evasion of the requirements of the Drayage Truck Regulation and is committing its resources to mitigate this activity. BAAQMD is targeting enforcement efforts at known dray-off locations where violators are being held accountable for rule violations. Truckers wishing to avoid possible enforcement action are encouraged to join the thousands of other drayage truck operators statewide that operate compliant trucks and help make the air cleaner.

To report dray-off activities in the Bay Area, please call BAAQMD at 1-800-334-ODOR. If you have general questions on the Drayage Truck Regulation, you may contact the California Air Resources Board (ARB) at (888) 247-4821 or by email at

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