Nintendo DSi

The pioneer of handheld entertainment, Nintendo, who made the Game Boy and DS video game systems fully accessible, came out with the new Nintendo DSi system. Like its predecessors, the DS and the DS Lite, it comes with Nintendo's trademark stylus-driven touchscreen technology. Its display is about 3.25 inches and having an overall size of about 137mm x 74.9mm x 18.9mm (Width x Length x Thickness) and weighs approximately 214 grams with touch pen. It features two screens that is 93% larger than Nintendo DS Lite. Its battery life extends from 9-14 hours if used in its lowest brightness, 8-12 hours in low brightness, 6-9 hours in medium brightness, 4-6 hours in high brightness and 3-4 hours in highest brightness.

It features two built-in cameras with ten interactive lenses to manipulate photos. One camera is situated on the external body and the other one points at the user when the device is flipped open. It also comes with a Nintendo DSi Sound Application that functions both as an interactive voice recorder and a music player which can be used while playing at the same time. A microphone is provided for recording and there is also a stereo headphone output to play music saved on an SD card. It even includes a 256 MB on-board memory for local storage.

Using Nintendo DSi system allows one to connect wirelessly to browse the internet, share photos and download exclusive games via the Nintendo DSi Shop. Photos taken with the Nintendo DSi Camera can likewise be uploaded to one’s Facebook profile. With the Nintendo Wi-fi connection, the owner can keep in touch with players on-line. Lastly, its features Parental Controls to manage access to Nintendo DSi contents that may be considered unsuitable for minors.

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