Naim UnitiQute

Naim introduces UnitiQute, a half-width version of the full-size Uniti. It is a combination of internet radio, DLNA streamer and media player. Also, the Naim UnitiQute packs an FM radio together with DAB in markets where the service is broadcast together with both Ethernet and integrated WiFi connectivity for UPnP streaming of audio from local and internet network sources (with resolution levels of up to 24-bit/192kHz). With its built-in 24bit /192kHz capable DAC, UnitiQute is the ultimate audio source hub capable to interface with digital audio sources such as computers and gaming consoles and the latest TVs. UnitiQute is so versatile that it can deliver not only exceptional music but likewise play the role of gateway to all the new digital music format from USB memory stick, UPnP streaming to internet radio. It comes with a preamplifier and 45W per channel into 4Ω, 30W per channel into 8Ω power amplifier.

UnitiQute is equipped with a front-panel USB socket with the ability to access both stored files on a USB stick, MP3 players or an iPod or iPhone directly and is packed with functions that enable the Unitiquite to read the player’s audio files and playlists and display their contents on the Unitiqute’s front-panel display screen for easy browsing, selection and playback. UnitiQute is iPod certified that enables you to control the Apple mediaplayer’s playback via the UnitiQute controls. This device is said to use a slightly lower-powered 30 Wpc variation on the circuit used in Naim’s award-winning Naim 5i integrated amplifier. UnitiQute also provides a range of inputs and outputs that includes 2 analog inputs (one 3.5mm jack, one RCA stereo input), 5 digital inputs (two coaxial SP/DIF, two optical, a 3.5 mm jack) antenna inputs (Wi-Fi, plus 75 ohm connector for FM) and 3 switch selectable tuner options (Internet Radio, FM or DAB). It has switchable bass contour control for low-volume listening and also a bass management system for use with subwoofer-satellite loudspeaker systems.

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