NU Dolphin Touch Waterproof MP3 player

The new NU Dolphin Touch is a waterproof MP3 player with FM radio that is combined with the bundled waterproof ear-buds that provides good sound. This 66mm long and 21mm in diameter that looks like an AA battery on steroids is designed to be waterproof to a depth of 1 meter and is sturdy enough to stand up to significant abuse. Its waterproof quality level is guaranteed to comply with IPX7 international water resistant standard. NU Dolphin Touch is completely functional in all weather conditions and is great with all kinds of outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, mountaineering, jogging and biking. NU Dolphin Touch features the first curved touchscreen panel (patented design) that enables users to see what they are listening while giving full and easy use of the MP3 player. Its casing is cylindrical-shaped that features a minimalist outlook with all control buttons easily accessible. It has a 96x24 pixel screen that displays a single line of text at around 12 characters that are visible at any time.

The earphones are made from a special non-woven fabric membrane that keeps the speaker vibration plate dry while maintaining a high quality sound output. It also comes with a soft silicon earplug that fits comfortably in the ear canal. The earplugs do not only keep the earphones dry but likewise avoid the earphones from coming loose during enthusiastic activities. This waterproof MP3 player is equipped with a massive 4GB memory. It features various play modes such as shuffle and repeat that enables the user to choose favorite music suitable to the activity. It has a built-in180mAh/3.7V rechargeable battery that provides a battery life of up to 8 hours.

Posted 2010-11-29 and updated on Nov 29, 2010 5:25pm by richard

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