Mint Studio Wireless PC/Mac Speaker with iPod/iPhone Dock

With Mint Studio Wireless PC/Mac Speaker with iPod/iPhone Dock, you can wirelessly play your computer's audio or play and charge your iPod or iPhone and enjoy crisp, immersive, room-filling sound. The Mint Studio speaker system comes with iPod/iPhone dock, Mint USB Wireless Audio Transmitter for PC or Mac and a handy remote control. Also, you can amplify anything that has a 1/8-inch mini-audio plug with its audio mini-jack input for other audio sources. With its Automatic Plug and Play feature, you can simply plug the Mint USB Audio Transmitter into your PC's USB port which will be automatically detected and can be used as a default sound device. The Mint Studio wireless system sets no limit on media players so much that once the Mint USB Audio Transmitter is set up as your PC's default audio device, any audio from your computer will be streamed wirelessly to Mint Studio speaker system regardless of the type of players including iTunes, Windows Media Players, or various internet browsers for online music, including IE, firefox, Safari and Chrome.

The device supports up to 32 PCM words at 96 kHz sampling rate thus gives no compression for wireless streaming. It streams digital music as it is originally recorded. Its wireless operation ranges to 100 feet line of sight which may however vary depending on interference from obstructive objects. Its transmitter has the capacity to stream audio wirelessly to up to three different Mint wireless receivers simultaneously within 100 feet line of sight. The system allows installation up to three Mint Studio speakers in three different rooms in your house. Also, it is equipped with built-in wireless audio receiver that receives uncompressed wireless audio contents from PC/Mac through the Mint USB Wireless Audio Transmitter. It has likewise a built-in dock for iPhones and iPods that charges the device while it is docked. The device comes with a two 3-inch Hi-Fi full-range speakers, 15-Watt Texas Instrument class D amplifier, two high-output bass ports, and balanced EQ design that generate ample party sound without distortion and pleasant everyday casual listening.

Posted 2010-11-01 and updated on Nov 01, 2010 7:00pm by richard

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