LEGO Creation Cabover With Sleeper

The LEGO cabover was done by John Allosa. Cabover was based on LEGO set 3180 Tank Truck(Link to set)and was modified by the program LEGO Digital Designer(Download)extended the chasis and added a sleeper.

My review: It didn't take a while to build. I used the instruction booklet. The sleeper was realy big, and thats how i wanted it. Originaly, the truck was suppose to be conventional, but i couldn't because I didn't know how to do in LEGOs,and there was a set called 3221 LEGOŽ Truck (link to set) but there where no instructions on internet, and im not going to buy the set because i just want the booklet. The sleeper wasn't really big on the inside, but i managed to but two beds and a computer tower case while the cab's only difference to the set was only the color.

Posted 2010-09-21 and updated on Oct 03, 2010 9:23pm by john allosa

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