LED backlight LCD television

Display technology has made leaps in the past providing us with a better and cheaper televisions. One of which is the LED backlight LCD television which is often incorrectly called as LED TV by TV manufacturers.

LED backlighting LCD television uses LED as backlights and not the customary cold cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs) as used in conventional LCD televisions. The use of LED backlight creates an impressive effect resulting in a thinner panel of an LCD television. It gives the advantage of less power consumption and brighter display with enhanced contrast levels. It also gives off less heat than a standard LCD Televisions.

There are three forms of LEDs:

• RGB dynamic LEDs – is a technology that uses a colored backlight technology to enhance images, dim the shadows and sharpens picture contrast. It uses clusters of red, green and blue Light Emitting Diodes to increase the strength of color and enhance the dark tones as possible. With this form, the LEDs are positioned behind the main panel of the television.

• Edge-LEDs – is a technology which gives the effect of more efficient backlight resulting in a remarkable picture and an incredible color contrast. It gives a brilliant stunning image and reduces the screen’s glaring in rooms that has bright lights. This technology provides the advantage of having the units manufacture to be very thin. This is very appealing when mounted on a wall. The light emitting diodes are placed around the outer of the rim and a specially designed diffuser panel is used in order to spread the light equally over the rear surface of the screen.

• Full Array LEDs – is a technology of LED backlights that set the LEDs at the back of the TV like the RGB Dynamic LED. It also requires a diffuser panel to ensure that LED backlighting is equally spread across the back of the LCD display panel. This gives a superior equivalence and even exceeds the contrast ratios to that of edge-lit LED LCD TVs.

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