Home Server, HP EX495 Media Smart Server

HP introduces the HP EX495 Media Smart Server that serves both as a home server that provides automatic back up and protection to digital files and as a central storage. It runs Microsoft’s Windows Home Server 2003. With its Automatic Backup feature that allows back up of PCs utilizing Windows Home Server (WHS) and Mac (Apple) Time Machine, it gives the user the assurance that its important digital media are saved in more than one location. The HP EX495 comes with a fast Intel Pentium E5200 (64-bit, 2.5GHz) dual-core processor and a generous 2GB DDR2 RAM. Its 1.5TB SATA 7200RPM hard drive provides for an almost boundless storage. Also available for storage capacity expansion are three drive bays each using tool-free enclosures. Notwithstanding its powerful capacity, HP EX495 maintains a low power consumption during backups and idle states and with just less than 100W during heavy load.

The HP EX495 Media Smart Server also features multimedia format compatibilities. It has the capacity to automatically convert non-protected video and audio and non-protected DVDs as well to other suitable media format. The converter supports formats like MP3, MOV, FLV, DIVX, and many others. In addition, videos can be conveniently saved in a more compressed format which allows playback on portable multimedia players. EX 495 comes with an eSATA port, three USB 2.0 ports, and an Ethernet networking port. It is not Wi-Fi compatible so that it must be connected to a network via Ethernet cable (CAT 5/5e or CAT 6). It is capable of media streaming of Videos over a network to a HDTV or gaming console. Music can also be streamed to portable WiFi capable devices with a Media Smart Server App.

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