EyeClops Night Vision Goggles

With the EyeClops Night Vision goggles, you can enjoy the thrill of real night vision technology. EyeClops Night Vision enables clear visibility in completely pitch dark environments. It provides a crisp, clear image of dark landscapes. These goggles gives kids, old and young with an authentic night vision experience like never before. These super stealth goggles allow you to see in absolute darkness using infrared illumination so you can explore the dark landscape around you. EyeClops Night Vision enables full visibility of up to 50 feet in pitch dark which is made possible using authentic infra-red driven night vision technology. Eyeclops Night Vision comes in a futuristic design made of durable plastic head-piece. It has a soft rubber molding around the goggles and adjustable straps across the top and sides that makes them comfortable and easy to wear.

It is equipped with a hinged, flip-up eye-piece which can be opened when the goggles are turned off or closed when the goggles are in use. There is an option to choose between the maximum surveillance mode which emits a barely-visible ring of red LEDs around the eyepiece so they can see up to 50 feet in absolute darkness or go for the stealth mode to remain completely invisible while you explore the dark landscape around you. It has also a small switch on the side of the goggle head-set that allows switching from a black-and-white to a green screen display. These goggles are powered by 4 AA batteries. They come with an adjustable headband, a power cord and a battery pack.

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