Epson P7000 160GB Multimedia Storage Viewer

The Epson P7000 160GB Multimedia Storage Viewer is a device primarily designed for photographers and is a perfect partner to a digital SLR camera. With a 160 GB capacity, it is capable to back up, store and view large quantities of images in outstanding high definition, sparkling color and detail even without a PC. With CompactFlash and Secure Digital support, back up of images is made in an instant with its built-in memory card slots. Epson P7000 is equipped with a large, 4-inch LCD screen with new and exclusive Epson Photo Fine Premia technology that displays over 16.7 million colors that is about 94 percent of the Adobe RGB color space for better-quality color reproduction. With the Photo FineŽ Premia LCD, preview of both RAW and JPEG images can be made even while on location.

Its 4-inch Epson Photo Fine Premia LCD allows zooming and panning to confirm focus and examine the fine details of the photos. Also, the LCD allows confirmation of histogram data and creation of custom folders. Epson P7000 is equipped with both audio and video output and is capable to create simple slideshow which can be done by just merely tagging the photos and playing back the slideshow. With that, it is the ideal choice for client presentations or on-location shoots. It comes with a High-Speed USB 2.0 that allows easy transfer of files from one device to another. The P-7000 also comes with Epson Multimedia Viewer Travel Pack, a car charger, stand case and cloth for ultimate portability. It has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that has a life of up to three hours for extended shoots.

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