Elegato EyeTV HD

Elegato EyeTV HD is a full-featured DVR for your Mac where you can watch, record, edit and enjoy cable and satellite television in high-definition. EyeTV HD features a distinctive dual-format capture mode which can record in the iPad and iPhone formats simultaneously. The dual-capture mode supports extremely fast exports to iTunes from EyeTV and helps the streaming of live and recorded TV to an iPhone or iPad by means of the optional EyeTV app. EyeTV HD has the capacity to record in H.264 format that is designed for a crystal clear, high-definition digital picture. This format offers beautiful image quality and a superb compression ratio capable of producing smaller file size as compared to MPEG-2 recordings. It can equal the best possible MPEG-2 quality at up to half the data rate. EyeTV HD can likewise capture HD and SD video from camcorder or VCR. It comes bundled with component inputs for HD sources including S-Video and composite inputs for standard definition sources.

EyeTV HD also features Toast Basic disc-burning software that enables you to archive your favorite movies and TV shows and save space on your hard drive. It uses an award-winning software for Mac, the EyeTV 3 that lets you watch, pause and rewind live TV. It also allows you to search the Program Guide using multiple criteria and record one show or create Smart Series Guides to record the entire season of a TV series. Using EyeTV HD’s built-in Editor enables you to remove unwanted content from your recording, or to crop the beginning and end of the show and share them with other Macs on the network. This feature also allows you to create one or more short clips from a longer recording and save the clips individually as new EyeTV recordings. EyeTV HD requires 2.26 GHz Intel Core® 2 Duo processor or better or Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later. It comes with an infrared remote and channel changer cable (IR blaster) for automatic control of the receiver.

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