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The Home Security Store putting together a surveillance system to secure your home or business is made easy. No matter what kind of surveillance system that might be, from an easy to set-up digital wireless camera system with no holes to drill to a complete 16 channel hardwired surveillance system that you can view on your new iPhone or BlackBerry, we have it all to meet all your CCTV needs!

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras once only found to monitor banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience stores are now made available to you at an affordable price. This means you can create property protection both indoors and outdoors like never before.

If you are looking to secure a small condo or apartment, a simple wireless camera might just do the trick. It will also save you the higher cost of installing a traditional surveillance system. But if you need the extra coverage, no worries Home Security Store has you covered.

Our video surveillance category encompasses our unique step by step guide to build a surveillance system, video baby monitors, security cameras (bullet, dome, fake, IP, spy, and wireless), digital video recorders (DVRs), complete camera systems (equipped with night vision), CCTV monitors, accessories, and power supplies.

Typically, a complete surveillance kit will be made up of a series of cameras connected (be that wired or wirelessly) to a DVR which records those images and in turn displays those images on a monitor. In addition, most of our advanced DVRs are capable of being connecting to a network that can send your CCTV images to an outside internet ready computer or smart phone. In turn, such smart phone applications allow you to control your surveillance system from afar 24/7. Such DVRs are made by Lorex Technology, Lasertech, Atrix, and Digital Watchdog.

Remember, the mere presence of video surveillance cameras can help prevent crime, from a residential home invasion to business vandalism. Furthermore, it can help obtain the evidence you need if a crime does actually happen. Video surveillance has been helpful in the conviction of many criminals. Often, if your cameras are positioned right, you can not only get a good image of a trespasser, but can even track his or her movement with different camera set-ups. Don't let the criminal have the upper hand. Build your surveillance system today.

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