Cell Phone is Dangerous

The study of Dr. Vini Khurana an shows that there is a growing body of evidence that using handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer. As much as possible use wired handfree device.

Khurana — one of the world's top neurosurgeons — based his assessment on the fact that more than 3 billion people now use the phones worldwide. That is 3 times higher than people who smoke.

He warned that people should avoid using handsets whenever possible and called on the phone industry to make them safer.

The study is said to be the most damning indictment of cell phone use. According to the Independent, cancers take at least 10 years to develop, which has influenced earlier cancer studies showing relative safety when using cell phones.

Another danger of cell phone is borrowing a cell phone from someone to make a quick call. This is because you could potentially get disease by using somebody else’s phone. According to Scotland’s Herald, cell phones could be spreading potentially killer diseases because people do not wash their hands.

Research has revealed one in four people use a mobile phone when on the toilet, while one in 20 surf a laptop on a dirty table.

In Scotland, around 10,000 people contract the infection Clostridium difficile because of poor hand hygiene. Across the UK more than 750 people reportedly die from – and almost one million are ill with – infections and viruses that can be passed on or contracted by not washing hands.

Driving while on cellphone is also the number 1 killer while on the road. Data regarding car accidents involving cell phone use and/or texting while driving has been limited in the past, but it's slowly becoming available to the public.

Please don't use cellphone anymore. Lets go back to our old ways.

Posted 2010-09-10 and updated on Sep 30, 2010 10:27pm by john

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