Casa Grande Apartment Milpitas

Rafala is the name of Casa Grande apartment's Manager. She went out during the working time 3 hours. I called her office 5 times to report the plumping problem, but no one was there. When she came back, I talled to her about that problem, she had a attitude with me. I wish the owner will fire her as soon as good

I have lived here for 2 years. This area is extremely unsave. Someone broke my car's window and my car was stolen this Jan. I reported to our APT. manager. She ignored everything. And several vans' windows were borken a week ago......very un-safe area.

The manager gave so many complaint letters about leaving slippers outside. I'm filipino. She doesnt give letters to my neighbor which leaves there slippers outside to. My brother told me that she only care about the vietnamese and mexican residents. Most of the residents who moved out were filipinos. She complained about the noise of my birthday party on one day. Then she gave us a complaint letter the next day. Which is stupid cause' up stairs theres a mexican family who parties 24/7. We cant even sleep. So we told the manager. She didnt do anything. This apartment and the manager sucks, dont live here.

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Posted 2010-09-10 and updated on Sep 30, 2010 10:27pm by apartmentreview

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