Business Phone Lines

When starting a business phone line subscription usually included in the plan. You can actually start a business with 3 lines to start. If you decided three(3) lines you can use 2 lines for voice and 1 line to fax. Our phones rings every minute and we have 4 lines. Each call usually last 60seconds. Now we using vonage phone service and it works perfectly. If the line is not answered in 6 rings it goes to my personal cellphone, no miss call from customer.

We are using 3 lines from vonage and 1 line for fax outgoing. Our incoming fax, we are using send2fax service where we could read the fax anywhere and print. You need to use landline(hardwire) for outgoing fax because vonage usually gives line error. The hardline will be your dsl number also.

RCA 4 lines business phone is a good choice for business. You can transfer call from 1 table to another. You can also use as intercom and paging system.

Mr. Downey just bought three of these RCA ViSYS 25424RE1 phone models. He is very impressed with how good they look in the office. It works great and he thought he will pay much more for good working phones. Intercom, caller-id, directory, speaker is loud and clear. There is no dialing lag with these, as he read about with other phones.

He didn't experience any issues with the batteries. Vonage can do an automatic re-route calls to his cell phone in case of power outtage or internet problem.

The only thing he was dissappointed about is that each phone requires two in-bound telephone cables to use all four lines on the phone. Not really a big deal, but he had to get a phone tech to help re-wire the wall jacks. You just need to connect them in parallel connection.

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 Aug 26, 2010 6:41pmIf you are using standard DSL Line and somebody in your house is downloading data like music you will have a hard time understanding the other party using voip. by noel
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