Bring your own chassis in Port of Oakland

On the first quarter of 2011 most of the terminal will NOT provide chassis to the truckers. The intermodal drayage company should buy their own chassis. No more bobtail in the Port of Oakland.

YES, Ocean carriers and terminals are getting out of the chassis business, and 3rd party leasing companies are filling the niche. Truckers will lease or buy chassis. Estimated chassis leasing cost is $11 per day. It is reported that the USA is one of the last remaining countries where ocean carriers provide chassis. The change-over is under way in the USEC/USG/INLAND, and will be rolling out on the USWC in the next few weeks & months.

There is discussion between shipper associations (AgTC) and ss lines about lines reducing rates to compensate for the reduced expense / and increased expense to truckers/shippers - i.e. cash flow swap.

The news first come from CMA CGM which plans to gradually phase out providing chassis to truckers at terminals throughout the United States on a schedule starting on the East Coast in October 2010 and ending on the West Coast in March of next year(2011). The carrier said Thursday it expects the new chassis supply management policy will generate greater operational efficiency and reduce the environmental impact. OOCL recently announced a similar chassis supply management policy in three U.S. cities.

This will be a new game of the Owner Operator that just bought new truck and diesel filters to comply the California Clean Air Act Law. Many trucker also notice that port terminal didn't upgrade the equipment use inside the terminal.

Posted 2010-09-10 and updated on Sep 30, 2010 10:27pm by noel

 Sep 14, 2010 10:52pmThis will make our life harder. Just last year we purchase new trucks and buy filters and the rates of the trucking business is still the same. by gerry
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