Bluetooth headset, Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset

The Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset is equipped with dual microphones that feature Plantronics' 2nd generation Digital Signal Processor called AudioIQ. The dual microphones work at the same time to isolate or capture the voice and cancel the background noise to deliver superior sound performance. Its 20-band equalizer provides crisp, natural voice quality. When used in windy conditions, Plantronics' very own advanced WindSmart technology provides three levels of defense against these element, the grooved vents that deflect the wind, acoustic fabrics that block the wind and electronic filters that works to remove wind noise. Its AudioIQ2 technology feature automatically adjusts incoming calls towards clear and comfy listening levels.

The Discovery 975 Bluetooth earpiece comes in an elegantly simple design. It conceals its advanced sound technologies in its very minimal size. It has a white indicator light that flashes once when the device is switched on. The Discovery 975 earpiece features an easy-to-access one-touch button that provides instant control over powering the earpiece and answering or ending calls. It also features a dedicated volume control that also functions as a handy mute button. For utmost convenience, voice prompts activate when your bluetooth connection is lost, battery power is running low or when the earpiece is on a mute mode. It is equipped with a patented gel ear tip that makes it easier to take the device on and off. The distinct shape of this silicon tip gives a firm fit that ensures non-interference with glasses. The Discovery 975 Bluetooth earpiece comes with an innovative, rechargeable carrying case with an internal battery that charges the earpiece while it is being stored. It has an easy-to-read LCD that displays the levels of the battery and earpiece. It also features QuickPair technology and universal connectivity enabling the Discovery 975 to pair with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled phone. Also, it features multipoint technology that allows the device to be paired with two Bluetooth devices such personal mobile phone and smartphone.

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