Audioengine 5 (A5) Premium Powered Bookshelf Speaker System

The Audioengine 5 (A5) Premium Powered Bookshelf Speaker System is a full-size speaker system in a bookshelf-sized package. It has built-in power amps that eliminate the need to connect the Audioengine 5 to a bulky stereo receiver or power amplifier. These power amps are built inside the left speaker which saves space and power. Audioengine 5 is the perfect solution for needed powered speakers for MP3 player, computer, game console, TV or DVD. Audioengine 5 is wireless-ready and works with all your music. It has a built-in AC power outlet on the rear panel and a USB power port on the top panel which makes it ideal for powering wireless products to stream your music. The AC outlet is also perfect for powering other portable and home A/V equipment. It is custom-designed and made of handcrafted wood cabinets with high-gloss professional piano finish.

The Audioengine 5 adds incredible low-end bass without the need for an external subwoofer because it has built-in subwoofer ports. Any enhanced super-mega-hyper-monster boomy bass cannot be heard from these powered speakers. The low end bass from the Audioengine 5 is itself a real bass almost akin to the originally-recorded music. It features Kevlar woofers for powerful bass, silk dome tweeters for smooth highs and a clean industrial design that all allow the Audioengine 5 to integrate perfectly in your living room, bedroom, or desktop. Audioengine 5 has a built-in power port called the ComboPort for iPod charging while listening to your music or watching movies at the same time. This ComboPort charger is compatible with all iPods and other products that charge through a USB. These speakers are compatible with AirPort Express and other wireless systems, iPod and all other music players and Internet radio and network music systems. Likewise, it is compatible with Apple universal dock and other docks/remotes, mobile phones and PDAs with music players as well as CD and DVD players, videogame consoles, digital radio and satellite receivers.

Posted 2010-11-22 and updated on Nov 22, 2010 5:39pm by richard

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